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My paintings are emotional, they are the type of expression that comes from within. I do not paint the subject, the object, the form, or the concept. I paint the paint. The objects I paint are a vessel for me to explore the idea of beauty with a raw honesty. It is the surface and the texture of the painting that matters most to me. I push and pull the colors, scrape off the paint, while deconstructing the objects until they create the emotional tension of the work. My vision is to paint without being tainted by how things "should be" rather I paint just how they are.


Dena has more than fifteen years of teaching art and theory.  She has extensive experience in management, programing, event coordination, curriculum development. She has shown her work all over the United States and in Europe.




TUFTS University (The School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts) - Masters of Arts in Teaching


Colorado College in Colorado Springs - Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio and Comparative Literature


The Art Institute of Chicago - Extensive Training




(1994-1997) Bridgwater Raynham High School in Bridgewater, MA - Director, Art Department


(1998-1999) Sokolowski School in Chelsea, MA - Teacher


(2003-2005) 92nd Street Y in New York, NY - Assistant Director, Art Programs


(2009-2013) Hamilton Hebrew Academy in Hamilton, Ontario - Director, Art Department


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